Buy & Sell Businesses, Cashless Mergers, and Acquisitions & Joint-Ventures

September 11-12, 2023 — Dallas, Texas

*Monday & Tuesday After Empire Deep Dive"


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  • Can't get enough of these two? Attend Empire Deep Dive with Adam Coffey 2 days before this event for 2 full days. Space is limited, so act now!
  • Attend live in-person 2 full days of the action packed event with Adam Coffey
  • Attend virtually 2 full days of the action packed event with Adam Coffey

Event Hosts

JT Foxx

JT Foxx is a global entrepreneur and investor doing business in 54 countries and has clients in 104 in everything from real estate, marketing, internet, technology. His events have attracted A-listers and billionaires from all over the world. Top names like Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, Mark Wahlberg, Phil Jackson, Kiefer Sutherland, Cole Hauser, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Vince Vaughn, Stedman Graham, Michael Douglas, Jack Nicklaus, Michael Irvin, 50 Cent, Russell Peters, Jillian Michaels, Michael Eisner, Charlie Sheen, Jason Alexander, Moira Forbes, Brooke Shields and many more have all attended his events. JT Foxx has also created a global network called The Net Worth. He has appeared on many magazine covers and television programs. He is also widely recognized as the world’s #1 wealth & business coach but now he spends the majority of his time on his vast global businesses. JT Foxx has been described by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as the "Closest thing to Steve Jobs he has ever met". Although a great compliment, in JT's eyes no one will ever come close to one of his biggest inspirations to success.

Adam Coffey

Adam Coffey is the best selling author of 2 books. He is the master at the game of private equity and growing businesses and selling them. In fact, he has purchased 58 companies and exited 2 of them for over 1 billion and a third one in the next year. Adam is a leader who is sought out by the biggest companies in the world to help them grow but of course it works for an entrepreneur at any level.

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